20+ Lapbooks to Enhance Instruction in Elementary

Using lapbooks to enhance instruction in your elementary class will provide students with interactive resources for learning, and a single, well designed note taking activity that students can use for review and test prep throughout the unit.

After a year of digital learning- clicking, typing, and looking at screens, it’s time to give the kiddos in your upper elementary classes some tasks and activities that will work on their fine motor skills. Not only that, but lapbooks also provide students with a fun way of learning and taking notes on information as they are introduced to new concepts throughout a unit.

I love lapbooks for many reasons, but I’m not the only one.

Why I Love Lapbooks

When I was a young girl, I used to love collecting stickers. I would add new stickers to my collection every day. Lapbooks remind me of my sticker collection, but rather than collecting stickers, our students are collecting learning and knowledge on new concepts. 

Other people have told me that lapbooks remind them of scrapbooking or making a quilt. It is in the pieces, shapes, and designs that they find enjoyment and see how everything comes together.

Another reason I love them is because I use lapbooks to enhance instruction in my classes. The bits and pieces of each lapbook add to the overall picture I am helping to paint in the minds of my students, regarding a new topic. I love that they can see how all the pieces of information work together.

In the video below, I give you a first-hand look at several lapbooks in my store and tell you why I love them as much as I do.

This video (below) will show you examples of each of the following lapbooks as I discuss in more depth why I love creating lapbooks for students.

  1. Rocks and Minerals Lapbook
  2. Electricity Lapbook
  3. Place Value Lapbook
  4. Plant Lapbook
  5. Endangered Animal Lapbook
  6. Measurement Lapbook
  7. Geometry Lapbook
  8. Grammar Lapbook

Why Students Love Lapbooks

As I was building anticipation for a new unit, my students would create a new lapbook, and I would provide them with the first piece, their cover page.

Students would spend time decorating, and carefully constructing this cover page. They would take great pleasure in making sure their cover pages were just right.

Then with each day, I would give my students one piece to add to their books that would align with that day’s instruction. A common misconception that I’ve seen working with other teachers on lapbooks is that they want to do all the building in one day, but lapbooks are designed like a scrapbook. They are a collection of important memories and information added over the unit that we want our students to remember, so rather than giving students all the pieces at once, we add to the book as the information is taught.

Students get really excited as they watch all the pieces of the lapbook come together. They are intrigued by how it all works together and how they can use the lapbook to help them solve their problems or answer their questions.

Why Parents Love Lapbooks

I’ve found that one of the groups that seem to love and appreciate the lapbooks most are the parents and guardians of students. 

If you have kids, you know that the plethora of papers and notes that come home with students can be a bit overwhelming. One lapbook can prevent tens of individual papers from being sent home, and they are a terrific resource for parents and guardians to use with their students as they review for upcoming assessments, complete homework, or work on skills that are frustrating the student. Also, I’ve found that parents are less likely to throw away a lapbook than they are other loose papers that come home with students.

20+ Lapbooks to Enhance Instruction (now available in the Undercover Classroom store)

We have created 20+ lapbooks to be used in the elementary classroom in a variety of subjects and topics. Below is a list of the lapbooks available at the time this post is written. Some of the lapbooks require a double lapbook design. To find out how to make a double lapbook using two file folders, check out this blog post!



Social Studies

Language Arts



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