Homework Notebook Organization

Here is a very simple tip that will make a huge impact on student success in the homework arena. Parents will thank you immensely. Trust me.

If your students use a homework notebook to record assignments, you have felt the pain or seen the struggle. Kids have trouble finding the page they need. Paperclips get lost and sticky notes get ripped and crumpled. Parents get frustrated.

Teach your students how to make a diagonal fold on the used pages in their homework notebook. It is best to start at the beginning and fold one page at a time. Some of my students get fancy and alternate their folds from the top and bottom, but that is not necessary. A simple fold from the top corner will do.

Over time, it turns into a “collection” of folds that gets higher and higher. Kids actually seem to enjoy the process, and it develops into a quick habit. They can easily find the page to copy their homework, and parents can easily check the notebook at home.

Say goodbye to skipped pages or assignments written on the wrong day. Say hello to easy organization.

Just fold and flip, lickety split!

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