Honoring Our Presidents

I am such a sucker for artwork made by kids. It just makes me happy. I have absolutely no formal training in art. I love to paint and color myself, but could not tell you a thing about technique.This week, after reading about the life and accomplishments of President George Washington and President Abraham Lincoln, I shut the door for some guided drawing in honor of two men who changed our country forever.

Kids are so amazing. Give them an opportunity to draw and color, and unbelievable things will happen. They really never cease to amaze me.

I used my document camera to model the step-by-step drawing of each president, using this fabulous freebie from Kindergarten Planet. The kids took such pride in their work. I could not help but think that George and Abraham were smiling down upon us that day. This bulletin board will surely keep me smiling for the rest of February!

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