Here is a nifty little one dollar tool that has come in so handy in my classroom this year. These two-sided Tolsby frames from IKEA make terrific stands for displaying signs around the room. 

A colleague of mine (thanks Mike!) found these gems in a variety of colors at our local IKEA store, and he was nice enough to share the idea and pick me up a few!

I love how they stand on their own with a steady base. I also love how easy it is to change out the signs by slipping a piece of paper in between the plastic sleeves through the slot at the top.  

The back of each frame is exactly the same as the front, so you can display a different sign on each side if needed. They look so bright and cheery in my classroom!

So, here is a toast to nice colleagues who share and simple things that make life easier. I am so lucky to have both of the above. Happy framing y’all!

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