Channel “Insert Teacher Name” FREEBIE!

Here is a simple little tool that I use with my students when it is time to “tune” them back into the conversation. I try not to overuse it, but they know for certain that I am about to say something very important when I tell them to tune their remotes to Channel Rissmiller. Rissmiller is my last name of course. Sometimes they just need a little visual to turn off the talk show channel (weather channel, comedy channel, news channel) if you know what I mean. 🙂 My students like to pretend that Channel Rissmiller is number 222 on the remote since that is our room number. They pull out their imaginary remotes and hit the three magic buttons that bring them back to the lesson.

It is really just a simple little sign to laminate and clip to your board when needed and I wanted to share an editable version with you in case you would like to insert your own name and use it in your classroom. It comes in really handy this time of year!

Here is a link to my Google Doc. It is in the form of an editable PowerPoint. Just click on “Channel Rissmiller” and insert your own name! Then print it out, cut it out, laminate and voila! You have a class of perfect angels! Ha ha! Now, wouldn’t that be nice? 

I have used the free font CooperCardShark by Wizard of Boz. If you like that font, you can download it here, or you can use any of your own favorite fonts. 


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