Halloween Ideas for the Classroom: Resources for Upper Elementary

Here’s a list of 8 Halloween ideas for the classroom that will get upper elementary students excited for this spooky season while also keeping them focused and learning.

When you’re looking for Halloween ideas for the classroom, you may be looking for spooky decorations, silly teacher shirts, some posters, or even some party games, but what if you mix some educational Halloween fun into your classroom resources as well?

8 Halloween Ideas for the Classroom

This list of Halloween resources for upper elementary will keep your students engaged, set the Halloween season mood in your classroom, and give you the peace of mind that your students are still learning and reviewing important skills!

Digital Jigsaw Halloween-Themed Reading Resource for Upper Elementary#1 | Halloween Reading Skills Digital Jigsaw

Students will earn a Halloween surprise image one piece at a time, as they get answers correct on their way through this Halloween Reading Skills Digital Jigsaw puzzle. Students will practice a variety of reading skills including theme, author’s purpose, cause and effect, and character traits while reading Halloween-themed passages and earning pieces to a secret Halloween puzzle.

Learn about 3 more ways to use these digital jigsaw puzzles in this blog post!

This is an image of the Escape Tales: Halloween Adventure Resource#2 | Halloween Digital Escape Tale

Students can practice math skills in a fun way using this Escape Tales adventure story. Throughout this Halloween adventure, students will need to solve complex patterns and number puzzles in order to escape each obstacle. 



This is a picture of the "Build a Frankenstein" Halloween Math Resource#3 | Build a Frankenstein: Halloween 2 Step Word Problems

Students will build their own Frankenstein Monster one word problem at a time in this fun digital activity. This activity includes 3 different Google Forms™ in three different levels to allow for easy differentiation. At level A, students are solving multi-step word problems using addition and subtraction, in Level B, they are using multiplication, and in Level C, they get some practice with division.

This is a picture of the Halloween Digital Puzzles Resource#4 | Halloween Digital Puzzles

How much is a laughing Frankenstein worth? What about a purple spider? Students will have to figure it out when they try their hands at these fun Halloween Digital Puzzles. Each puzzle asks students to examine a series of images to figure out the value associated with each image. These puzzles are fun, festive, and just the right amount of challenge to keep kids intrigued!

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Save money by bundling all of the digital resources in this list together! With the Halloween Digital Learning Bundle, you can get all of the resources listed above for one low price. Each digital resource is designed with 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students in mind, and are easy/no-prep activities.


This is a picture of the October Puzzle of the Day resource.#5 | October Puzzle of the Day

Do your students like a challenge? Do they like solving riddles and finding solutions? Then they will love this October Puzzle of the Day set. With 22 Halloween/October-themed puzzles to choose from, you can do one every school day! Your students will love the challenge and the variety of types of puzzles.

This is the cover image from the Halloween Lockbox Challenge#6 | Halloween Lockbox Challenge

Oh No!!! It’s Halloween night and your students are locked in a building while other children are out getting all the candy!

This lockbox challenge will have your students scrambling to escape the store they are locked in so they don’t miss out on all of the Halloween treats. Students will solve riddles, unscramble letters, and decode equations as they try to figure out how to escape during this Halloween Lockbox Challenge

This is a picture of the Subtraction Scavenger Hunt#7 | Halloween Subtraction Scavenger Hunt

Students will practice subtraction with regrouping as they scurry around the classroom looking for answers to Halloween-themed word problems. This scavenger hunt will get your students up and moving and will encourage them to work through some necessary subtraction skills.

This is a close up picture of the Halloween Sudoku Puzzles#8 | Halloween Sudoku

If you are looking for a hands-on Halloween idea for the classroom, then you’ll love this Halloween Sudoku. The classic Sudoku puzzle gets a little twist with this Halloween-themed, manipulative-based activity. Students will study a variety of Halloween images and rearrange them in an attempt to figure out how the images can be ordered to solve the puzzle. Great for grades 3-5. 


If you implement all of these Halloween ideas for the classroom together, it can make for a really fun October. Not only that, but students are also getting a chance to learn in a variety of ways.

Happy Halloween!



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