Friday, July 7, 2017

Easy Fold Envelope Books

Hello! Welcome to Week #2 of the Undercover Classroom Summer Fold-a-thon! If you missed the first post about mini-books you can fold in a jiffy, be sure to get caught up here. Today, I would like to show you one of my all-time favorite books to make with students. . .envelope books!

I actually use two different types of envelope books with my students. This post will focus on the type that is made with one, large envelope. I usually use the 10 inch by 13 inch envelopes, but any large, top-folding envelope will work. You can see from the picture that the 6 inch by 9 inch envelopes fold into a smaller version of the book that might be better for some projects.

This type of envelope book works well for topics that can be divided into five or six sections. One especially nice feature of this book is that it has a pocket inside that is perfect for flash cards or other small pieces. I like to call it a secret pocket. :-) The folded book will have six sides and one pocket. I use one side for the title/cover. Then, there are five other sides to write on, plus the pocket for storage.

The following pictures will explain it best, so grab yourself one large envelope, a pair of scissors, and a bottle of glue. Let's fold one together!

First, cut a thin strip off both sides of the envelope. Basically, you want to cut off the fold line on each side.

Once the strips are removed, you will be able to open the envelope flat like this.

Fold the right side in until it meets the folded line. You are about to make the pocket.

Open it back up and squeeze a thin line of glue on each side as shown.

Then fold it back over.

Press and seal the glue lines to secure the pocket. This will need to dry before using the pocket, but you can keep on folding.

Now, on the other side, fold the envelope flap out of the way temporarily.

Fold that side of the envelope in until it meets the fold line.

Turn it around so the pocket is on the left side like this.

Finally, starting on the left side, fold over twice until you have your envelope book!

Add a title.

Then add headings for each section. Your students can take notes and draw pictures under the headings.

You can insert cards or other pieces into the pocket once it is dry.

If you want to get fancy, you can cut and paste diagrams, charts, graphs, you name it! Here's an example of one that I use in my classroom. Click the image to see other envelope books.

Thanks for stopping by! The Undercover Classroom Fold-a-thon will run through August 4th, with a new post each Friday. Be sure to check back again next Friday for some more foldable ideas for your classroom. Bring a few file folders next time so we can explore a variation (or two) on lapbooks. See you then! :-)

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